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The Worlde image below was created from my literature review. Education should always be about the students. When I began my Action Research, I wanted to figure out what was causing students to lose interest, become frustrated, and fail. The words that really stand out represent the points that needed to be dealt with to come up with a solution. Learning motivation in the classroom was being affected by the technology the students used everyday. By using the technology that already was engaging them, we were able to get the students attention by being more relevant and interesting.

A Wordle image of my Literature Review

A Wordle Image of My Literature Review


The problem identified in the classroom was a significant percentage of students were failing and had poor attendance in System Support at the Los Angeles Recording School. The literature review considered difficulties identifying student needs and their affect on student engagement. Changes were proposed through the ADDIE process. The final proposal was to attempt to improve engagement through a thorough introduction of student’s computers at the beginning of the course. The 2 cycles were conducted over 2 consecutive months with 2 classes. Data was collected and compared with previous classes grades. Further data was collected from instructor feedback, student feedback, and entrance and exit survey comparisons. Data showed that changes implemented in the class had a positive influence on student engagement.

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Leadership Presentation Submission

My Presentation Submission

My Presentation Submission to UBTech 2013

Originally I thought I would apply to give my leadership presentation to the CUE (Computer-using Educators) conference or the SXSWedu conference, but unfortunately the deadline for submissions had come and gone. Fortunately there’s no shortage of worthwhile organizations and conferences focused on technology and education. I was drawn to the UBTech conference on June 10th through the 12th of 2013. The conference will be in Orlando, Florida at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort.

University Business, a publication for leaders at two- and four-year colleges, produces the UBTech conference. After looking through the speakers topics from previous conferences it was clear to me that this is a conference focused on the kinds of issues and ideas my school is dealing with. I though my research could fit right into their themes. In particular I thought my leadership presentation would work in the ‘Teaching and Learning Technologies (Content and Course Delivery)’ area. Here is a link to the presentation submission form.

Being able to attend this conference would be very beneficial to me professionally as well. There would be many opportunities to connect and learn. The overall theme for 2013 is ‘Vanishing Boundaries; Emerging Opportunities’ which is what using computers and the Internet in the classroom is all about.

If I were selected I would go to the conference for the full duration and happily represent the Los Angeles Recording School. I would hope to get some feedback on my research and leadership project presentation, and learn about new educational resources and techniques.

EMDT Program Reflection


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