Month 10 AR Blog Post

1. Is there a connection between the data produced from your Cycles and the research reported in your Literature Review?

As was discussed in my literature review, by engaging the students with technology it should be possible to get more of their attention and therefor have better overall grades and attendance. I am definitely finding this to be true. Having the students start the class by using and learning more about their computers, everything seems to start off on a more positive note, and the students seem to find the course material more relevant overall.

2. How did your AR project turn out for you? Describe as a practitioner, how did this project improve your practice.

This project has really demonstrated the importance of analysis. The ADDIE process in general has been so beneficial determining what changes needed to be made in order to keep the course material relevant and to help the students make better connections with the material.

3. Is a personal learning environment or an LMO something that could be part of your AR project in the future?

Absolutely, I believe that a learning management system such as Schoolology or Moodle will be extremely useful in consolidating all of my course activities, quizzes, assignments, and attendance. I think it will also encourage my lab instructors to participate even more in the ongoing development and evolution of System Support. I look forward to incorporating assignments using a blog format, and to being able to create student group and more online student interaction.


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  1. August 5, 2012 at 10:02 am

    Hey Josh

    I am glad to see that your Action Research turned out to have a positive effect on your classroom grades and attendance. I’m thrilled to see that you used the ADDIE model to develop and reflect on what you put together in you project. I noticed that you mentioned Schoology and Moodle, which LMO platform will you be using for your future cycles? I really like Schoology myself but I know you know what’s best for your situation. Working with you in the past, I know that you will create presentations and activities to keep your students engaged and motivated.

    Keep up the good work Josh!

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