Month 8 – June – FPE

The new lab room layout

The improved System Support lab room arrangement seems to be well received. May 2012

What changed in your set up from Cycle 1 to Cycle 2?

Now that I’m in cycle 2 I have made a few changes to some of my earlier lab content, because it seemed to create a disconnection from the more technical topics about waveform characteristics and electricity. In May the students tested very well on the early computer topics, but seemed to get too focused on them, and did not quite grasp the importance of the later topics, and therefore did not test as well on the second half of the course material. I’m trying not to make too many changes, but I have had several meetings with my lab instructors about little adjustments involving moving some material around to introduce topics earlier on.

What’s happening that you did not expect?

I did not expect my lab instructors to get so emotionally involved with the changes we’re making. I can see that they really care about how much the students are learning, and I knew that. The surprise is how eager they have been to help write and adjust the class material. They have been a great help, and I wasn’t sure what to expect initially.

I was also surprised by how much the students didn’t know about their computers. The students who do know more about their computers are surprising me as well. I was not expecting to learn so much while rewriting the curriculum, but honestly it makes sense when teaching about technology, because it’s constantly changing.

How are you tracking data differently?

I am tracking my data with notes, email, and they survey responses. I am also designing extra credit assignments for the students that should provide me with more data about their learning experience, background, and motivations.

Our student advisor Betti Gutierrez, who is also working closely with me, is documenting students excuses for missing class, which will provide a whole data set I wasn’t expecting. She has been very helpful as well, and is an amazing resource. I honestly didn’t even realize how helpful she could be, and I am very impressed with her efforts and results.

How do you foresee FPE contributing to your capstone project?

I am looking forward to creating a lot of instructional videos and content I can post on line for the students to see, and to show in class as well. In this first week I am really thinking about the power of the story and the voice, and it strikes me how much it can determine the overall effectiveness of educational material as well. I think about documentaries that have been educational, and how stories really carry the content. I am now thinking about the stories I can use, and how I can improve the stories I already tell in class. I’ve just realized that when I’m telling a story in class, just a few visuals, music, or pictures from that story could really help keep the students interested and make it more memorable.


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  1. EMDT Action Research said,

    June 2, 2012 at 11:05 am

    You are on target. Cycle 1 is usually a learning experience. Cycle 2 and sometimes in the future is when the true gain is evident. It seems you are on track to complete both cycles by the due dates. Cycle 1 is due in month 9, week 1 and Cycle 2 is due in month 10, week 2. When reporting Cycle 1 please provide clear, detailed, and grammatically correct information. Proof read your work, include the titles, and restate the questions in your response. Make it easy for the reader to follow your work. Follow the requirements on the AR informational site that is what I use to evaluate your sites. I am looking forward to reviewing your information.

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