Month 7 MTA

I am happy to report that I am on schedule to finish both implementation cycles by the end of month 8. I am already seeing a few areas where I hope to make some adjustments for next month, but I am 1 week into my first cycle that will last 1 month. So far my response has been positive, and I had over 40 students respond to and fill out the entrance survey. Students seem to be more attentive so far as well, and they are scoring better on their first lab exam. At this point I see no obvious hurdles to my project continuing on schedule.

My first cycle will last for 1 month and I started it a week ago. The second cycle will begin with a new class of students at the beginning of next month, and will take one month to complete as well.

I anticipate that I will be done with the 2nd cycle by month 9.


1 Comment

  1. EMDT Action Research said,

    May 6, 2012 at 6:34 am

    Excellent evaluation of the process, you are on target to complete your implementation. Documentation is critical it will allow you to report what happened and evaluate the outcome. Your data will be aligned with your outcome and very clear for the reader.

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