Training and Motivational Development blog post

1. Critical Friends
Critical friends will be an important part of giving me feedback on my work from different perspectives. I hope to get feedback regarding different learning styles and from the various points of view offered by my friends’ professional and educational experiences. I value their input and feel that constructive criticism and encouragement are vital to creating and completing broad reaching action research with true value and meaning. I really do hope to make some difference through this project and hopefully critical friends will be helpful in that.

The following is a list of my critical friends.

Altamony Coley – He is reading and critiquing my literature review.

Autumn Langford – She has read and critiqued my literature review.

Lian Theis – Being involved in adult education I think she might be a valuable resource for better understanding the needs of my older students.

Andrew MacKenzie – He is a work colleague and is involved in student development at the Los Angeles Recording School, and therefor may have some valuable input about how I might implement my research most effectively.

Gordon McMillan – He is one of the lab instructors for my course, System Support, and has a great deal of experience with curriculum design from the school he worked at previously as well.

2. Simple calendar timeline
Fortunately there should not be any problems implementing my action research as my class starts from the beginning every month and is only 1 month long. I should be able to see pretty quick results in theory. I just need to come up with clear and effective surveys and new activities to implement in my class.

Here I is my general timeline.


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  1. January 30, 2012 at 6:37 pm

    Great comments, you have a well rounded group of critical friends. The purpose of the timeline was to create the proposed completion dates for the entire year. This would allow you to see if there are any obstacles that you will need to address. Based on your responses there does not appear to be any.

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